Leesburg, VA


Through The Garden: Beautifying Leesburg, VA Green Space

Leesburg, Virginia prides itself on delivering easy access to vibrant, well-maintained parks and green spaces to both residents and guests alike. The town boasts a total of 17 local park systems, outfitted with a multitude of active and recreational activities. Looking to take a stroll and appreciate some natural Virginia landscapes? Visit Edwards Landing Park to enjoy some of its many hiking trails. Want to coordinate a friendly competition with your neighbors? Check out Freedom Park; here you'll find a soccer/football field, two softball fields, and two baseball fields, all perfectly suitedfor ad hoc sporting events. There's even a concession stand and a picnic shelter where you can gather for a meal once the game is over.

Leesburg also has a bike trail network for outdoor enthusiasts who want to pedal their way through some of the town's gorgeous scenery.

First established in 2017, the Leesburg Bike Trail Network is a collaborative effort between Bike Loudoun and the Leesburg Parks & Recreation Department. Here, visitors can roll through over 10 miles of paths, eventually connecting to the W&OD Trail.

Best of all, Leesburg offers programs to ensure that all residents have an opportunity to enjoy their own green space.

The Community Garden Plots is a Leesburg park program that rents garden spaces to locals on a first come, first serve basis. Leasing a garden offers citizens an amazing opportunity to plant, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of their labor for a unique Leesburg experience.


Through The Garden: We'll Create A Gorgeous Outdoor Oasis, Right In Your Backyard

At Through The Garden, we truly appreciate the brilliant park systems and green spaces offered here in Leesburg. However, our team of experienced landscape designers and builders believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a stunning, tranquil sanctuary in their own backyard. We collaborate with residential and commercial clients throughout the Leesburg community to create and install innovative landscape solutions that do exactly that – Through The Garden's hard and softscape layouts can ensure you have access to some of Leesburg's most vibrant scenery, right outside your window.

Our unique portfolio of landscape features and elements includes:

These are just a few of our many services and offerings. No matter what the size and scope of your project, Through The Garden manages every phase for a seamless build experience. Design, construction, installation, and maintenance – we coordinate all the logistics to expedite project completion so you and your family can enjoy your new green space as soon as possible.

We Offer Accessible And Affordable Landscape Designs

Most importantly, at Through The Garden, we strive to offer highly competitive pricing on our solutions for optimal client accessibility. Want to hear more? Contact our team of landscape specialists today!