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Through The Garden: We Revitalize Frederick, MD Properties

If you're looking for a place to soak in Mother Nature at her finest, it's hard to find a place better than Frederick, Maryland. We aren't the only ones that think so; every year, hundreds of thousands of guests flock to Frederick and the surrounding community to embrace outdoor living at its very best. The Greater Frederick region boasts a total of 90 municipal, county, state, and national park systems. Here, both locals and visitors can participate in a multitude of recreational activities such as swimming, skating, camping, boating, and horseback riding, all while enjoying some of Maryland's most breathtaking natural scenery.

Looking for an outside oasis where you can enjoy time with the entire family?

Check out Baker Park. This 58-acre park located in downtown Frederick features numerous facilities including tennis courts, ball fields, a band shell, and playground structures for younger children. Be sure to check out the events calendar before you go – you may catch a free outdoor concert under the beautiful Maryland sky!

Prefer an outdoor experience that's a little more raw and organic? Check out Frederick's Gambrill State Park for endless miles of mountain biking, hiking, and horse trails with stunning panoramic views. Or, visit Carroll Creek Park, a gorgeous green space in the heart of the city. Here you'll find vibrant gardens seamlessly merged with state-of-the-art outdoor hardscapes for the ultimate urban garden experience.

Through The Garden: We Breathe Life Into Your Backyard Vision

At Through The Garden, we partner with home and business owners in Frederick, Maryland and throughout the greater community to create stunning landscapes that rival some of the city's most brilliant green spaces. We believe in a fully collaborative process, from start to finish. Our team of designers and builders consult with you to gauge the outdoor features that resonate most with you. Do you prefer vibrant beds and gardens like those found at Baker Park? Or, do you dream of a combination of soft and hardscapes like those displayed throughout Carroll Creek Park? No matter what the scope of your backyard vision, Through The Garden can help you bring it to life.


We Are A Full-Service Local Landscaping Company

As a leading boutique landscaping firm, Through The Garden offers our commercial and residential clients access to a full suite of services and products, including:

We manage every detail throughout the design, construction, and maintenance phases for optimized client satisfaction and convenience. From stone courtyards that offer your employees a place to regroup and rejuvenate to a backyard pool installation that creates the perfect place for building family memories, Through The Garden can transform your Frederick property into your new favorite green space

Every Success Through The Garden Project Begins With A Client Consultation

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