Pool Design and Installation Process


Through the Garden, Inc. is a full-service design-build landscaping company that has been in business for over 25 years. We are also an authorized dealer and installer for RiverPools and Viking  in your area and have a dedicated pool installation division. We pride ourselves in creating unique and artistic environments that can transform your backyard from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our detailed and thorough installation teams can turn your vision for your backyard into a reality including anything from patios to pool decking, landscaping to lighting, and of course, your fiberglass pool.

We encourage you to review our portfolio on our website at www.LandscapeAsArt.com and click on this link for samples of pool installations http://landscapeasart.com/projects/residential/pools/

Getting  a pool is a very exciting decision and it is also important for you to understand what options are available and what the budget ranges are for the various pool sizes and features.

We hope you don’t mind a little “home work” to help you make a well informed decision.

Initial Phase

What is the process?

  1. Home Work – Review the RiverPools website to review information on models, color options, features such as pool covers, slides, steps, heaters, etc. There is also a section that will help develop some general budget numbers based on your selections. Use the links below for your reference.

A standard installation includes the pool installation with pump and filter.

End Result – you made your wish list and determine a budget that works for you.

2. Email – Send the following information to our pool sales manager at pools@LandscapeAsArt.com

  • A plat of your property, showing your house location, property lines, etc
  • Some pictures of the area you want to have the pool
  • Your wish list
  • Your property address

This video link will step you through the process: How to prepare site information 

End Result – we have all the necessary information to efficiently review your project.

3. Phone Consultation – One of our Pool Consultant will contact you within 14 business days after receiving your pictures and plat to discuss your project and provide you with a more accurate budget estimate for your project


Follow up Phase

What is Next?

Below an outline of the additional steps in the process.

  1. Phone Consultation – One of our Pool Consultants will review your information and contact you to discuss your project. The consultant will discuss with you what is included in a basic pool package, available options, etc. and for you to get answers on any of your questions. We can conduct this meeting in a video conference format if you would like to.  The consultant will follow up in providing you with a more accurate budget estimate for your project.

As mentioned in our previous email we are experiencing a very large number of inquiries and it may take up to 2 weeks to contact you. We will make however every effort to beat this.

Should you not have been contacted after 2 weeks please email us at Pools@Landscapeasart.com or call our office at 800-724-9008

End Result – We will provide you with a detailed budget estimate based on your wishlist and site information.

2. Site Consultation – Should you be ready to move forward with the project we will proceed with a site consultation. This is to meet with you personally to discuss all the details for the pool and verify all site conditions. A site consultation takes several hours, including travel. At this site visit we will take detailed dimensions and elevations of your proposed pool area, evaluate site access, etc. There is a nominal fee. This fee will be credited to your project if you decide to do the project.

End Result – The site consultation will allow us to provide you with a final proposal for the project

3. Landscape Design – should your pool project also include landscape design for the surrounding area such as retaining walls in sloping areas to level the pool area, sitting walls, fire pits, etc., our landscape designer will also meet with you to discuss your ideas and develop a comprehensive landscape design. At the site consultation the designer will review the project and provide you with a design fee estimate.

End Result – Detailed landscape design for the project and a formal proposal.

4. Final  agreement – Upon signing the proposal and providing the initial deposit the pool shell will be ordered and a project schedule will be established. Please note that all pools require a permit and depending on your jurisdiction the permit process can be very short, 1-2 weeks or very long, 1-2 months, or more. The pool shell production takes typically 6-8 weeks.
5. Construction – Amazingly the actual construction/installation of the pool goes blazingly fast. The basic install, with water in the pool and coping installed takes 5-8 days. Installing the basic pooldeck will take another 1 to 2 weeks.

6. Pool Start Up – At completion of the pool installation our pool technician will conduct the pool start up with you. The Technician will first perform a complete clean up, vacuum, clean filter and skimmer and check the chemical balance. Then he will demonstrate how to do this yourself. You will receive documentation with all the necessary information and useful YouTube links that provide you clear step by step instructions of how to take care of your pool.